Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Gear unleashed in India.

Last night I got around to watching Top Gear`s Christmas special on India. It was disappointing. They just did the usual stuff. By usual stuff I mean they traveled to a foreign country, Jeremy acted like a child and made a total fool out of himself quite a few times, James May got lost and Richard Hammond wore hairstyling products. Everything was like it has been for many seasons before.
So why was I disappointed? Well, few months ago I stumbeld on a copy of Jeremy Clarkson`s Motorworld. It`s a book he wrote about the show he was making back in 1995 and 1996. I must say it was surprisingly interesting. He traveled to some of the most unbelievable places - Cuba, Iceland, Outbacks of Australia, Vietnam, Monaco, India, Detroit, Dubai, Texas, Italy... Maybe a few slipped my mind here. But hey, some of these don`t really sound like unbelievable places? Like Italy for an example. But did you know that Jeremy Clarkson tried to reach top speed with a Sierra Cosworth and the police stopped him only to tell him to go even faster because they too were interested in Cosworth`s top speed? And that there are cowboys in the Outbacks of Australia gathering cattle with helicopters? That there are old American cars in Cuba running on Lada engines? That in Dubai there is this guy called Rainbow Shake who has a replica of 1950`s Dodge Power Wagon so huge that it weights about 50 tons, has wheels from an oil rig transporter and it even has four air conditioned bedrooms and a living room and a bathroom and it even moves around on it`s own diesel engine? Jeremy Clarkson`s Motorworld book was so unbelievable that I had to watch the show of the same name just to check out if he is telling the truth or not. And he was. They had found some of the most shocking places on Earth. Jeremy Clarskon`s Motorworld was a great show and therefor I found the usual Top Gear`s fooling around a little disappointing.


  1. That "usual stuff" made me laugh, lol.

  2. motorworld was pretty cool. you can find some of the episodes on youtube


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