Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thoughts on a clever card

I was surfing the Internet and I stumbled on a card saying that people say bad memories cause the most pain, but really it`s the good ones that drive you insane.
So true, right? Yeah. I think so too. The thing with bad memories is that if they come to mind after some time has past, then you`re just happy that you survived and that you are not at that point anymore. But good memories they come to haunt you. At first you feel good about them, but then you realize that as Heraclitus said you can`t step into the same river twice. You cannot relive the good memories you have and knowing that, really can drive one out of his or hers mind.
So maybe we should try to avoid having good time for not causing painful memories?
No, we should rather turn those memories into inspiration for trying to get the best out of every situation we are in. We should live every moment to the fullest. Because if good memories are painful to recall and future is just a series of moments that you are not in right now, then all we really have is the moment we are in right now. Let`s not waste it for worrying about the future. If one spends his days worrying too much about things that are yet to come, then he or she doesn`t really live at all. We are alive now, let`s not forget that.

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