Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Patric and candlelight.

Bom dia, Bonita!

By the way that`s Portuguese for "good morning, beautiful". I quess that greetings in foreign languages are one of the things you can expect to find in this blog. It`s not that I know a lot of them off the top of my head, but I hope that by writing them, some of them will stuck. So that some time in the future I could say the basics like good morning, thank you, bye, nice rack in quite a few more languages than I do now.

By the way, nice rack in Portuguese is cremalheira agradável. Doesn`t sound nearly as smooth as I expected. I am quite disappointed in you Portuguese people.

So last night the strong winds of Patrick left us here in south-east Estonia with out electricity for few hours in the evening. And of course, my laptop battery was completely empty. So I lighted up something like a few million candles to get enough light for maybe reading a book. I must say, candles really don`t have anything on bulbs.
Few months back I got really into Remarque. I read All Quiet on the Western Front, A Time to Love and a Time to Die, The Night in Lisbon and Heaven Has No Favorites.
These are all quite the masterpieces. But last night I had a copy of Shadows in Paradise. The name sounds promising. And it was by Remarque the guy who had written all of those previously mentioned absolutely brilliant works. So I had my hopes up.
I had my hopes up only to be disappointed after few chapters.
It was rather dull. It`s not like I was hoping for a thriller like The Night In Lisbon but this book was more like a personal diary of tedious man. Yes, it seems to be an profound piece that tells the story of Third Reich emigrant who feels like he has made it to a paradise on Earth, but can`t really enjoy his life wholeheartedly because of his past and the feeling of being an outsider. But the story line is pretty boring. Okay, so I didn`t read more than few chapters. Who knows maybe I`ll get around to it later on. But as I sat there in my kitchen in the light of at least a dozen candles I started to think about the All Quiet on the Western Front and I came up with few ideas about what should I write here. I will get around to it later on, though. I have to go out now. But later I am going to write that post!


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