Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Concerts I Would Go to if I Had a Timemachine continuation Rock am Ring 2006

In the beginning of June two annual simultaneous rock music festivals are held in Germany. They are called Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. While making a list of concerts where I would have most wanted to be, I can`t leave these two unmentioned.
Every year some of the most amazing groups of late 20th and 21st century are stepping on the stage of Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. I`ve seen video footage of these events from different years. It`s really hard to say to which years event I would like to go back to. But I`m almost sure it is the Rock am Ring of 2006. The lineup in 2006 wasn´t the most impressive in the events history. I made my choice mostly based on the individual performance of few groups.
I am not gonna share the lineup with you. It`s pretty long. Let`s just say that there were performers from Danko Jones and Metallica to Nelly Furtado and somewhere in the middle of these there were Placebo, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and so on and so on.
There are many reasons why want to go back in time and take part in this magnificent festival. Instead of writing them, I`ll share one with you in video.


  1. There are so many concerts I would like a time machine to travel back in time for! following you now!

  2. time machine, the one thing everyone wants.

  3. So many concerts I would love to have gone to, now following!

  4. Would love to see any show with Placebo to be honest, they are amazing to say the least.


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