Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Concerts I Would Go to if I Had a Timemachine

I was watching Kurt Cobain singing about the bad folks and where they go when they die in New York 1994 on MTV Unplugged. Needless to say, I wasn`t there. In 1994 I were only 3 years old and located on another continent. I watched It on YouTube. That gave me an idea to put together a list of 10 concerts I would have liked to go to If I would have been around at the time and at least 18 years old. To make it sound better, let`s name it 10 Concerts I Would Go to if I Had a Timemachine.

It was one of the last televised performances by Kurt Cobain, recorded about five months before his death.
The songs they played that night were absolutely fantastic. Their set list consisted some of their lesser known originals, covers of songs by David Bowie, Lead Belly, The Meat Puppets and The vaselines. Only two of their own "hits" were played that night, "come as You Are" and "All Apologies". Kurt Cobain was sitting almost the entire time on a comfortable office chair and moved the audience more than some of those artists who spend weeks before the show practising complicated choreography.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Live at Slane Castle In Ireland 2003.

This concert has been made into a DVD that critics didn`t like and fans were upset with because of the lack of pre-Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs. I`ve seen this DVD too and the only thing I am remotely upset about is that they left out "Soul to Squeeze" because John broke a string during that song. Leaving that kind of a mishap on the DVD would have made it more genuine.
Despite the lack of pre-Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs, I think that their set list on Slane Castle live was perfect. Peppers played a cover of "Havana Affair" by The Ramones, Flea and Frusciante sequed "Californication" with an improvised intro that almost literally has the ability to blow one`s mind and other great songs from Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication and By The Way.
By the way, the Foo Fighters also played as the opening act on this show.

I`m gonna stop hear for now. I don`t wanna make my posts too long. Next two are coming tomorrow.


  1. Ah nice. I might actually do something like this for a post in the future!

    Good idea!

  2. I love Nirvana! Great post! And thanks for the memories!

  3. Love the John Lennon comment. Incidentally, I'd also definitely go back to see Red Hot live if I could.

  4. Oh yeah, I wish I had a timemachine to go to see RHCP live at Slane Castle too :D It was awesome... I love the intro they played for Califonication in that concert. Actually I know how to play it in the guitar :D Not as fast as Frusciante though :D


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